2017 Youth Fest Medjugorje Commemoration

The annual youth fest beginning today is one of the most beneficial fruits from Medjugorje. One that I can personally relate to as this was the period in my life that changed everything…
My book is a love story between me and God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother, my family, and those who inspired me to carry on despite the hardships encountered along the way. It began in my youth while in my early 20’s along with my wonderful sister where we were inspired and felt invited by Our Lady to come to a place where peace, love, hope, and prayer came easily.
In Medjugorje, we found a place of spiritual renewal, awakening, a stirring of our faith like no other place we have experienced.
Medjugorje is a place for all people and ages but for our experience it began in our youth and from our youth, this pilgrimage has only blossomed throughout our lives. We pray that this same blessing will be upon all the youth who are attending the 2017 youth fest!
In commemoration of this annual event, this weekend, my sister and I rededicate ourselves to Mary and her messages from Medjugorje nearly 30 years later after our initial life-changing journey to Medjugorje. We climbed a hill similar to Cross Mountain and prayed the rosary together with other family members at the base of the Cross.
Attached is a special picture taken of my sister and I at our dedication.
It was a wonderful experience to be with family praying for each other, for all the youth in the world especially those suffering, for the vulnerable such as those without a voice, the unborn, the elderly, the mentally ill, the poor, the persecuted, the lonely, those abandon, those who feel rejected, left out, not loved or welcomed by society or even family members, for all those who do not know God’s love (as Our Lady reminds the visionary Mirjana). We prayed united with Mary to her Son and our Lord Jesus Christ that our world can be free from evil and turn back to God who is the source of all love, joy, peace, and mercy.
Again, I would love to share my story with you. If you don’t have the technological means to view the lower cost ebook edition and can’t afford the print copy then please email me at my contact page so I can arrange for a generous discount through my bookstore.
I’ve received some prayer requests and want you to know that we hike up a mountain most days and pray the Rosary. We will include your prayer requests in our petitions starting this evening. We love to pray for other people because we know that it works – as Our Lady tells us, there is great power in prayer!
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