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Pete Starr (from the documentary “Apparition Hill”) Medjugorje, Prayer List, and Lelia Moran


Medjugorje update – Pete Starr (from the movie “Apparition Hill”) in Medjugorje with our Prayer request list being prayed over by Mirjana and Father Leon… And Update on Lelia Moran.

Updated – First I’ll start with the more serious news. As many of you know from my last post, Lelia has suffered another setback. The doctor’s just found another tumor growing in her brain. The doctors now say nothing can be done to cure Lelia. This precious angel who has already gone through more than any human should, must face more treatment and hardship. Please intensify your prayers for Lelia and her family and pray that our mighty God the Master Physician will heal her!

In a more positive light in all the darkness surrounding this tough situation, the following statement from Lelia’s father was shared with me which instantly made me cry with tears of joy:

From Lelia’s father: “Lelia’s recovery from surgery has been swift. We were moved from the PICU to the main pediatric floor to home in less than 24 hours. We came home yesterday afternoon. On the ride home I looked at her in the rearview-mirror, she lifted her Snuffleupagus eyelids and said, “Dada, its time to party”.

Our Pray request list has many such cases and it is now more important than ever to pray for all of them in any way we can. I have once again called up the Missionaries of Charity (the big guns) to pray for Lelia and others here. They are busy praying everyday! We also have Pete Starr working on our prayer list in Medjugorje. In order to see how this is going it would be best to read his blog direct… All pictures from Medjugorje taken by Pete Starr.

Pete Starr Blog Link

I really appreciate Pete for having everyone on our prayer request list prayed over by Father Leon and the visionary Mirjana who both have powerful prayers for all with special emphasis on Lelia! God Bless you Pete!

Picture of mountain below taken while on our prayer hike for everyone on the prayer request list with special emphasis on Lelia Moran to be healed from brain cancer….