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Update to my last prayer request post

Update to my previous prayer post…

While in prayer witnessing this gorgeous sunset appear before me, I thought about the Visionary Mirjana when she goes into a heavenly presence with MARY when her apparition begins. She did a beautiful job describing her experience in her wonderful book, “The Triumph.” How much more beautiful an apparition with Mary than a sunset. No wonder it takes Mirjana and the other visionaries so long to recover afterwards.

I mailed off the updated prayer list to The beloved Sisters at the Missionaries of Charity. Soon they will be praying for your requests. They will place this prayer list at the foot of Mary’s statue in their private chapel where daily Mass is held along with many long hours of fervent prayer!

This prayer list will also be traveling to Medjugorje in a few weeks with a special cast member of the wonderful film – “Apparition Hill.” It will be brought to the foot of Mary to be prayed over by several wonderful sources in Medjugorje!

You/we/I all have asked so now it is time to truly believe that your/our/my prayers will be answered! Share what God has done for you so others can also increase their faith!

I went up high in the mountains above 12k in the beautiful Rocky Mountains to pray for your requests the next evening after receiving all your prayer requests. I believe God gave all of us this wonderful sunset picture here as confirmation that all your prayers were heard in Heaven. By sharing this image, I hope and pray that you will receive as much joy as I did witnessing it first hand.

God’s creation is beautiful especially His creation of humanity which is His greatest work! He loved us so much that he created each one of us in His image. He cares for us in numerous ways – through His Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the saints, the clergy, and through family and friends who help encourage and support us in our time of need!

We are a blessed people of God!