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Fire in the Sky – Christ of the Mines

Last night’s sky was on fire with God’s beautiful love and creation following our Prayers for Lelia and all those suffering…

It has been so inspirational reading all the prayers coming in for Lelia and all those on our prayer list recently. Yesterday afternoon, I felt I needed to go up high in the mountains to offer praise and worship to God for hearing all of our prayers. I was trying to get to a location in the alpine around 13K but on the way up the snow started getting deeper and I begin to slide on the narrow steep road which had a sizable cliff on its edge.

I’m usually stubborn about things like this in a bad way, but this time I listened to common sense and turned around before I got into the trouble. I only had about a half hour before sunset and didn’t know where to go. Then it hit me like a rock, Christ of the Mines Shrine was only 15 minutes away, which has a huge statue of Jesus overlooking the town of Silverton Colorado located high in The Rocky Mountains. I have a lot of family history there leading back to the gold mining days so this place is always special to me. … I’ve also had several unique religious experiences while at this shrine where my prayers were answered in a big way.

I just wondered why I didn’t want to go there in the first place? But now, I was being called, redirected, and I was very excited to get there. Upon arriving, it was mostly overcast but there were a few breaks. This place has a little grotto where people place votive candles with images of Mary, Jesus, St. Joseph and others and light these candles for offered prayers.

This Shrine is a gorgeous setting with a the large statue of Jesus overlooking his beautiful alpine creation! I quickly set up my gear and started to pray. When it was already passed sunset, I figured any hope for some color was already over but then some fiery red patches started to develop near the horizon which quickly exploded into a beautiful light show! I sat there all alone praising Jesus for all He has done for us and in thanksgiving for all of you for your beautiful prayers and your love for Lelia and her family and for all those who we are praying for on our prayer list.

The prayers found on my last post for Lelia were exceptional as I can really see the Holy Spirit working among us.

The fiery red sunset blew up into a beautiful mosaic with Jesus there watching it all! I wasn’t alone at that point as I could feel God’s presence in a special way! Behind me was the Grotto with the votive candles, which included an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Joseph, and Saint Jude.

The sunset had faded away, or so I thought, as darkness started to set in. The flickering flame from one of the candles lit was most beautiful as it radiated is beautiful light illuminating the other images as I prayed. I couldn’t help myself from taking a picture of this with the peak in the background. I then turn back to Jesus and started to pray the Rosary – the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Looking to my left, I noticed a brilliant red light which appeared to be moving up from the top of the peaks, almost like the Aurora Borealis. We don’t get that phenomenon here as we are too far south so it was definitely unique and caught my attention. I kept growing in size so I stopped praying for a moment and set up my gear again to try and capture it. It was difficult to focus as was so dark. I had to set my focus ring to infinity which leaves it up to chance a bit but I was fortunate to get a pretty clear shot which I was able to share with you. I witness 100’s hundreds of sunsets each year and this one was definitely unique!

I took it as a sign from God as everything is a sign from Him because He created it all and continues to create every moment… After it faded away, shivering in the cold dark night, I went back to the base of Jesus’ statue and continued with my Rosary. After a couple of decades, It started to snow so I hiked back to my car and finish my Rosary on the way back home.

This experience was a gift, a confirmation from our Lord, that He is with us, actively participating in everything that we do, and I believe He likes to show us when he is pleased as I feel He is pleased that we are all praying together as brothers and sisters in Christ. It is amazing to me, that one little girl named Lelia Moran can bring so many people together in prayer, through her steadfast faith, her perseverance, her suffering, and her heavenly smile and divine presence. I truly believe we are witnessing a saint, but at the same time, I am pleading with God to heal this little girl and make her whole again, to end her suffering and allow her to live a happy normal life with her family and friends… this is my heartfelt hope for all those we are praying for on our prayer list and those throughout the world!

Your perfect will be done Lord Jesus! Amen…

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