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Missionaries of Charity Praying for your prayer requests!

I’ve brought in the big guns for your prayer requests – the Missionaries of Charity Sisters – MC’s (St. Teresa of Calcutta’s order)!

One of the Sister’s at this convent became an MC after she went to Medjugorje. She named herself after the visionary Mirjana after she Joined their order. This isn’t an isolated case as 100’s of Priests and Nuns have come to their vocation after experiencing Medjugorje which in my opinion has been one of the greatest fruits…

I took this picture at the celebration of the now St. Teresa of Calcutta’s being honored as a Saint! It was a wonderful celebration to be present with the Sisters and the local Bishop Wall to celebrate this special occasion!

It has been an honor to pray for all those who have sent me prayer requests. These are serious matters that require more than I can handle alone. That is why I am also sending them to my beloved Sisters in Christ who have been there spiritually for my family and I for years. I have personally witnessed their incredible power of prayer. Their faith is unmatched and their entire life revolves around daily Mass and prayer. I feel certain that your requests will be in the best hands possible with the Missionaries of Charity as your intercessor. They will place these prayer requests at the foot of Mary’s statue in their private chapel. In addition to their prayers they will have Fr. Pio and other priests bless all on this list.

I am also sending this prayer request list with a special person to Medjugorje in the coming weeks to be prayed over.

Know that God will answer your prayers but like I have to keep reminding myself – we must do our part by praying as well and then believe that God is with us in all things. We can do this through Christ’s strength within us!

I will also continue to pray for you on my evening prayer hike… God Bless!