More answered Prayers! Praying for those in Vegas….

Listen to these songs I added below full blast until you start feeling better… It’s ok to have some fun and joy no matter what’s going on in your life, especially when you need it most… it’s time to dance and lift up your hands in joy to our wonderful Creator God!!!!! Can you join me???!!!

OK!!!! It’s been a really tough, devastating week for many especially those who suffered so greatly from the Vegas shooting… Please Jesus, most powerful God, please comfort those who are weeping, morning, and suffering such horrific pain…. Provide them with supernatural comfort and love – wrap your great love, compassion, and mercy around them and all those who are suffering right now…

Even in the midst of all the carnage, we cannot lose hope! God is still with us, loving us, caring for us, looking after our every need, paying attention to our every thought and concern with nothing in our lives going unnoticed….

We have great hope in Him who created us! God wants us to have hope and joy even in the midst of our suffering if that were possible… Through Him, all things are possible….

I’ve been up praying for all of you this week as high as I can possibly make it each evening. I have found a nice prayer closet around 12.5K high in the Rocky Mountains. I am offering up all your concerns and petitions to our Most High God!

Picture taken late sunset with belt of venus over the high peaks. Notice the little flower on the left of Mary and Lelia’s picture that formed into a cross after dying….

Again, our prayers are being answered! A person dear to me has been struggling to find a home in a very expensive area and just last week after our prayers were sent to the Missionaries of Charity and prayed over at Medjugorje, her prayers were answered! Through a small miracle, she was able to find a home… All the realtors had given up and told her to start praying her Rosary even though they were non-Catholic…. They couldn’t believe it when she was able to find a home without their help! Praise you Jesus!

God Bless you all and hang in there! Thank you everyone so much for all your prayers as they are really making a difference right now!


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