Fox Encounter for Lelia and Prayer List wind-blown into the Heavens – Literally, during Prayer Hike!

The Fox is for you Lelia!

Reading below story is important to understanding video with link at bottom of page! Please pray for Lelia and all on our prayer list after viewing… God bless!

As a friend pointed out today is the Feast of St Francis of Assisi which makes this more relevant!

Last Saturday I received a message from the woman who was recently healed from cancer just a few days after our prayer request list was prayed over by the visionaries Mirjana and Vicka and by Fr. Leon and Max and by Pete

The first words to me from this miraculously healed woman: “How is Lelia doing and her mom?”

She didn’t bring up her own healing but rather, her concern for Lelia! Selfless love in action!

Of course this made me think about Lelia so I started praying for her and her family while in my home office. While praying, a beautiful kit fox appeared out my window and started eating juniper berries that had been knocked off by a severe hailstorm. I’ve looked out that window 1,000’s of times and never saw anything like. It was like a repeat of the bear scene that I posted awhile back all over again…. Just like with the bear, it was as if the animal was purposely there so I could share it with Lelia!

Little did I know another miracle would be related to this…. Just yesterday, I told Rebecca (Lelia’s mom) about my fox encounter. She was shocked once again because just like with the bear encounter, Lelia had asked her mom a few days before if there were any foxes on their farm! God has placed a special connection between Lelia and I with His animal kingdom. Lelia seems to see in her mind these animals before God brings them to me to video and photograph. It is obvious that He wants me to do this because they just sit there and pose as if they are begging me to do it…. I run into a lot of wildlife and they rarely stay around but rather quickly flee at the slightest knowledge of my presence.

There is more to this story. That same evening while on my prayer hike at 12k in the snowy peaks, I brought a picture of Lelia and Mary (as I always do) and placed them by my prayer list and started praying. While praying, a heavy gust of turbulent wind like a dust devil came up out of nowhere blowing snow everywhere stinging my face with its fury and then the prayer list went shooting up into the heavens and quickly disappeared from sight. “Maybe God wanted to get a closer look at it,” I thought… ; )

Somehow, Lelia’s picture stood strong and remained on the rock. It was a beautiful but somewhat startling experience and one where I really felt God’s presence in nature! Hopefully all of you including Lelia on our pray list will be somehow blessed by this!

It is our deepest prayer that all of you and Lelia have a complete healing which would surely glorify our Lord!

I’ll leave this with Rebecca’s own words in part to me concerning this story:

“God bless you… She loves foxes and other night asked me if there were foxes on our farm. Crazy again that you saw one and she asked. You guys have a connection. May Lelia hold strong like her picture in this storm!”

Praying for Lelia’s radio therapy surgery this morning… may God allow this procedure to kill all the cancer cells found in her new brain tumor… In Jesus’ precious name and through the intercession of our Mother Mary…

Praying for the victims of the Vegas shooting… Please Lord help comfort all those affected!


God bless everyone!


Be sure to watch in 1080p HD





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