Pete Starr Medjugorje update 4 and our 12k Prayer hike – Unexpected Survivor.

Pete Starr Medjugorje update 4 and our 12k Prayer hike – Unexpected Survivor.

It seemed Pete Starr from Medjugorje and I were on the same wave length as Pete was voluntarily offering up his pain by walking barefoot on every conceivable hill in Medjugorje for Lelia and Ruthie and those on our prayer list. This was around the same time I was also hiking and offering up my pain many thousands of miles away for those on our prayer list but my pain was involuntary. My son told me that I have to man up in order to catch Pete as he saw his suffering superior to mine and I had to reluctantly agree…

While atop Cross Mountain before sunrise, Pete prayed a decade of the Rosary for Lelia and all those on the prayer request list including several other decades for Ruthie Wellhausen and his wife Sheila’s prayer intensions… I love it when an atheist prayers the Rosary as I know it garners much attention in Heaven!

After receiving the good news from Pete learning that our prayer list had been prayed over by Father Leon and the visionary Mirjana, (and later finding out that Father Max and Vicka also prayed for all on our prayer list) we decided to celebrate by going on a special prayer hike that evening just as Pete was also offering up his prayers on a special mountain. Our location was quite different high in the rocky mountains at a place I have shown you pictures before, but this time, an early fall storm had laid fresh snow with bitter temperatures that had completely killed all the remaining vegetation up in the harsh alpine above 10k – or at least I thought.

God always talks most clearly to me while in nature and this time was no exception. It was all about bitter cold and howling wind but absolutely beautiful fresh snow and clouds perfect for a sunset.

While hiking, I came across a small group of wildflowers that were partially covered in snow. Everything else around me was completely wiped out. Just as the snow helped to insulate and protect these courageous last survivors, God also covers us with His divine protection when we pray!

These poor wildflowers were beat up from the harsh conditions but they had survived… Just as we are not immune to suffering but God will get us through it….

As I was praying I kept thinking about Lelia and how courageous this young girl is… Her belief in God and His power to heal her and her wonderful attitude in the midst of suffering – “Dada, it’s time to party,” she exclaimed after coming home from her surgery…. Amazing young girl…

As I was trying to capture a picture of the surviving wildflowers and sunset, my fingers became so numb from the bitter cold that I couldn’t feel the shutter button to snap the picture off. Paralyzed hands, arms and fingers is not a good thing especially in this type of situation. After managing to get a few pictures and prayers in I climbed higher up the ridge to get a better perspective on the alpine lake below. For some reason my body stopped aching and I felt better. Although my fingers were still numb I was still able to function, holding onto the our prayer request list and pictures of Mary and Lelia all while working my camera gear. The sunset was amazing! I could really feel God’s presence… Let’s just say that I receive an apparition every time I get to witness His beautiful creation! And every time, God speaks to me through his beauty…

As I was hiking back in the bitter temperatures in near darkness I felt totally fine. When I made it back to my car, my son who is visiting from California was already waiting for me with the heater blasting… As soon as I got inside, one of the worse sensations of pain I have ever experienced overcame me… My fingers and upper body had become a lot colder than I thought and started to thaw out in the most excruciating painful way imaginable. It keep getting worse, to the point that I couldn’t take it any longer so I bailed out of the car and started running around shaking my arms and hands which only made it worse.

It was embarrassing to say the least to act like such a baby in front of my son who was watching with a look of shock in his eyes. The pain started to radiate into my chest like a millionneedles piercing my heart… My whole body ached more than it has every ached before… I cried out to Jesus to please take my suffering to help Lelia and all those on our pray list who are going through far more and who’s situation dwarfed my little problem… The pain brought me to my knees as a sat there flopping around on the ground wondering how long it would last. This went on for around 10 minutes before it finally subsided enough to where I could get myself together again…

Like with many of you, this has happened before, especially when I was a kid playing out in the snow but never have I experienced so much pain throughout my entire body… I must have looked like a fool but like with Pete stubbing his toe, I hope God took some of our pain to help those around me/us who need all the help they can get…

It was so nice to hear that Pete also had Father Max pray for Ruthie and Lelia and all those on our prayer request list – what a blessing! I also added Holly from the “Apparition Hill” movie to our prayer list.

Pete placing our prayer list in Vicka’s prayer request box to be prayed over by her was another wonderful bonus! This was greatly appreciated by all I’m sure!

See day 25 and 26 of Pete’s blog for details –

God bless you Pete for all you have done for everyone, especially those who are suffering right now and a special thanks to your hidden prayer warrior (wife) Sheila who we join in prayer for your conversion… The Love of an atheist is clearly showing through right now!

Be of good courage and faith in your suffering and immerse yourself in our Lord Jesus to help ease your pain as He is eager to come into our hearts to love and comfort us in our time of need through the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary.

God bless everyone!








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