Final day of Consecration to Jesus through Mary and Heavenly encounter on day 34…

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Yesterday, September 15, 2017 marked the end of my 33 day Consecration to Jesus through Mary authored by Saint Louis-Marie De Montfort. Congratulations to all others who also finishing this wonderful consecration! The next consecration starts on October 19th. If you haven’t already please consider doing this as it will change you life for the better!

Day 34, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows was the official day of Consecration.

I awoke early excited to go to Mass to celebrate and to read the required prayer in front of the Tabernacle. I looked out my window and noticed some beautiful color developing in the clouds as the sun was about to rise. I couldn’t resist and ran out side have dressed with camera in hand and started snapping pictures.

Then suddenly a beautiful golden light started tracking from left to right across the lower horizon. It was angelic, heavenly, beautiful, mysterious and wonderful…. I got so caught up watching it, I forgot to take more pictures. I should have captured it on video as it would have been simply amazing to witness. I did manage to capture a few heavenly images. It all happened so fast. At first it looked like and image of the Holy Spirit in the form of a flaming golden red cloud… It really stood out as it quickly moved in front of the dark clouds in the background. Then it changed into and an image that almost looked Jesus in the form of the Divine Mercy. Then it changed into an angel like appearance. In a matter of moments, this beautiful heavenly sight was gone. It felt like a gift from our Lord! I set my camera on video to record the end of the sunrise as I ready myself for Mass and thus the time-lapse showing the end of this wonderful sunrise.

This experience reminded me of some of my favorite prayers found in St. Louis De Monfort’s prayer to Mary in the Consecration:

“May the light of the faith dispel the darkness of my mind… May the continuous sight of God fill my Memory with His presence; May the burning love of thy (Mary’s) heart inflame the Luke warmness of mine….”

Mass was wonderful as Father talked about how much compassion Mary has for all of us and how we should follow her example in helping others in their time of need. After everyone was left I sat in the empty church in front the statues of Mary and Joseph with Mary holding precious baby Jesus in her loving arms. I lit three candles, one for my family’s intentions, another for all of you and those on my prayer list and one for Lelia Moran (@Rebecca Morton Moran) that her surgery will go well with the best possible outcome this coming Wednesday. I then prayed the final prayer of the consecration which was wonderful.

Later that evening, our prayer hike began just like the morning with a beautiful sunset which started out with a beautiful golden light and then transitioned into a fiery red mixed with dark clouds providing a beautiful contrast. It keep going and going… I mounted my camera to a tripod and filmed the sunset while we prayed… It was a beautiful day and evening which filled my heart with hope, joy and faith!

Everything is going to be ok no matter how difficult our situation – God has everything under control! God bless you and yours!

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