My gift of God’s Beautiful Creation to all those suffering right now…

My gift to all of you to help combat suffering and disasters of all kinds with high Mountains and Prayer! We can do this because we have an awesome Creator God who can do anything!

Update from Rebecca Morton Moran –

“We found out Lelia does have to have brain surgery to resect the unknown spot in her brain. We do not know the exact date yet. Please pray it is benign. It is well known that a relapse in medulloblastoma is almost universally fatal. My heart Is so fearful. I can’t lose my baby. Please pray!”

Dear Rebecca, You have every right as the loving Mom of Lelia to be fearful of this serious development in her battle with cancer. But we want you and your family to know that you are not alone in this trial… We are all with you and yours in fervent Prayer to the Most High God who created precious Lelia and who has everything under control…

Medulloblastoma is no match for God’s healing power if that is His will for Lelia. Today at Mass the Gospel reading regarding community prayer is powerful: Matthew 18:19, “Again, [amen,] I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father.” 
Hold onto this promise Rebecca and all others here and believe! God’s will be done! I can assure you that we will not give up in this battle for Lelia. Today, Lelia lives and breaths hope for all of us. Her strong faith has already changed many lives for the better. Her courage rivals that of saints who have gone before her. Her loving angelic glow and presence is an inspiration to us all! It is no accident that we are all together in prayer for your daughter Lelia. God is never taken by surprise and always has a plan and purpose for each one of us, especially the little ones such as your precious Lelia.

Yesterday evening, I climbed to the top of a 13k peak. I wanted to get as high as I could to offer my prayers up to our Lord. I also wanted to bring all those who are struggling right now along with me in spirit and prayer to allow them to get high above all their problems long enough to see the incredible beauty and awesome power of our Creator God.

The recent hurricanes, earthquake, wildfires, and health related trials are rampant right now. These times require extra prayer and dedication to our Lord. It is times like these that God intervenes the most and is why prayer is so important.

As I sat there on top of the world, on the edge of a 1,000 ft. cliff, the wind was howling with darkness setting in as I prayed fervently for all those who are suffering right now in our world. I kept thinking about the hurricane bearing down on Florida and how it relates to the cancer in Lelia’s and so many other lives. Like the hurricane, cancer and other illnesses are unpredictable and can cause much damage.

Eventually though, the storm will pass and the broken pieces will be restored as the communities come together in a way not seen in any other circumstance.

THE STORM WILL PASS and it is our heartfelt prayer that Lelia and all those suffering right now will be restored back to perfect health and will live life to the fullest once again as this is God’s loving will for us…

Through your powerful intercession to your Son Jesus, we ask you Mother Mary to pray for Lelia and all those who are in harms way right now. Please dear Jesus, heal them all and provide joy, good health in both body and mind, and lasting Peace in their hearts. Amen!

Prayer list with me at 13k praying on the edge of a 1k cliff

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