A Bear Hug and Prayers for Lelia Moran!

A Bear Hug and Prayers for Lelia Moran

See Facebook post for details – https://www.facebook.com/100017309984734/videos/150462212207444/

My soul was completely overtaken yesterday when I found out about precious Lelia who has cancer at such an early age. I offered up a special prayer time last evening and while on my evening prayer hike, God sent me the most adorable bear in my path. I immediately thought that He wanted me to show this big teddy bear to Lelia who is only 4 years old. Her mom informed me that Lelia “emphatically believes that Jesus has healed her.” I feel I had to do something special for Lelia and hopefully this video I made can help encourage and bring a smile to Lelia and her family and others you all share this with. 

This child of God has more faith than many of us put together. I called up the Missionaries of Charity this Morning (the big gun’s) and explained Lelia’s situation to them and asked if they would pray for her. They eagerly accepted my invitation and added Lelia and her family to their ongoing Novena to St. Teresa of Calcutta who was their founder.

I have recently learned that many of you are already praying for Lelia. If you didn’t know about her situation, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, as the MC’s explained to me, little Lelia is winning over the hearts of people from around the world and is helping many increase their faith by her wonderful example of courage and faith. The MC’s assured me that God will provide a healing for Lelia but we must have as much faith as Lelia. They also assured me that Jesus is talking to Lelia in a special way and has a special plan for Lelia thus her profound faith…

Lelia, we are praying for you and love you very much and offer up our suffering for you! God Bless you and may our Lord Jesus completely heal you physically as you are already healed in the spirit. In the precious name of Jesus and through the intercession of our Beloved Mother Mary – Amen!

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