Solar Eclipse


Partial Eclipse of the sun today! (View video in 1080p HD for best results)

Well, the Solar Eclipse finally came today so I went out earlier than normal to witness it around 12k in the Rocky Mountains.

For me it didn’t disappoint – rather, it was a religious experience! I have never seen it get so dark in the middle of the day… It was an eery experience but beautiful! I felt like I was witnessing Our Lord’s crucifixion which is exactly what happened when Jesus died on the cross. It also reminded my of the miracle of the sun as I saw so many little miracles thoughout the eclipse. Of course I didn’t look at the sun directly but rather through my view finder.

The lighting and colors around the fading sun were incredible. It was very difficult to photograph with all the different lighting exposures to account for but I did my best.

I was praising our Lord and praying for everyone while filming and taking pictures. It was just me and my dog so no one thought I was crazy…

Only God could line up the moon and our sun so beautifully! We have an awesome God who can more than take care of our needs. We just have to make the effort to pray and believe that He will always take care of us no matter the circumstances!

I hope you all had a great day as well! God Bless everyone!

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