Mary and prayer requests high in the Rocky Mountains

I was overwhelmed today with so many hurting people asking for prayers around the world. Some who lost a loved one, another who worried about their unborn baby who may not live through birth, and another who is suffering from an illness and yet others who asked for undisclosed prayer requests.

The more I pray about it, the more compassion and love floods my heart for them. I’ve personally experienced gut-wrenching trials and I know how painful it can be…

Being a professional landscape photographer, I decided to do something special and go up into the high country of the Rocky Mountains, free from distractions and where God’s creation is most powerful to me. I spend a lot of time up there for that reason alone.   I printed out a copy all the people who liked my post and those who messaged me asking for prayer. The list was long. I decided to attach my favorite picture of Mary to the prayer requests and place this in my shot.

While driving up it was overcast with little hope of a decent sunset. Up I went to nearly 12 thousand feet (12K) just above timberline. I arrived late evening and noticed the sun was starting to break free. What happened next was amazing. I get to see plenty of beautiful sunsets but this one was special.   I ran up  to patch of wildflowers and was suddenly overwhelmed with the most intense brilliant reddish-golden light. It radiated everything around me. It was a warm light that literally penetrated my soul. I placed the picture of Mary and all the prayer requests in the patch of wildflowers and resumed the Rosary I had been praying on the way up there for everyone.

All the while, I was shooting off pictures of this amazing site. I could literally feel God’s warm loving light wrapping around me. I was praying for everyone but one person in particular stood out in my mind. His name is John and he had just passed away in England. I could envision John walking towards Jesus’ brilliant light as He walked into our Lord’s loving arms for all of eternity!  


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