Sunset Surprise

I want to share with all of you something that happened directly after my book went live. I decided to take my wife
up to the high country around 13k to witness the wildflowers now at their peak. I was late getting up there but what happened added to the list of spectacular events that have occurred in my life. I get to witness a lot of sunsets with my photography business but this one was off the charts. Again. the picture doesn’t do it justice.

During this incredible sunset, the red clouds were up close and personal – it literally felt as if we were being enveloped by it’s beauty as if God himself was wrapping His loving creation around us. I also heard faint sounds like moaning coming from the sky as if creation itself was crying out. Maybe I’m being a little presumptuous or melodramatic but I took it as a sign that Mary and God were pleased with what I’m doing – at least I certainly hope so. Believe me, I’ve had my doubts so I really needed this. God always speaks best to me through his creation. 🙂


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