Welcome to Crosses, Sunsets & Sinners – A Brother and Sister’s Medjugorje Journey

Thank you for viewing my site and for sharing in our incredible journey of faith while on pilgrimage to the  remote village of Medjugorje located in former Yugoslavia.

It has been brutal writing this book at times – sometimes due to emotions and mostly due to the barrage of technical problems that have plagued this book. Everything that can go wrong has….
This was suppose to be out last week but on our anniversary our car broke down leaving us stranded above 9,000′.  With no help or internet connection available, we had to sleep in our car overnight and I can tell you that it was a very cold miserable night with no sleep but plenty of shivering.  We were not prepared with only light jackets.  Even our dog was shivering.

When we finally received help and were able to limp back home, all the garages were booked for the week so I had to take off time from work to complete the repairs myself. Of course this only further set back my publishing date.  This type of thing has been occurring with regular frequency throughout the year. 

I had to ask myself several times if I was doing God’s will? I can honestly say that I have worked as hard as I could on this project in spite of the many trials along the way.  

I’ve had to hold firm to Fr. Svet’s words of encouragement to me and my sister.   “Don’t worry, let God lead you! It is all part of the pilgrimage – to endure suffering along the way…” 




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