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Malibu plus SWCYC = Prayer

My recent trip to Malibu California had many blessings with God’s beautiful creation only one part that stood out… The opportunity for prayer was abound.

I finally had the chance to meet up with Alexis Walkenstein who hosts Mary’s Touch radio and who also works on the production and promotion of films such as “Heaven is for Real,” “The Schack,” “Bella,” “Little Boy,” and other faith based movies… We all went to Mass at Our Lady of Malibu which is a beautiful church located in the foothills just off the ocean.

Afterwards, we had the chance to pray for everyone on the prayer list and said a special prayer for Lelia Moran who had another setback as she didn’t qualify for a new promising experimental study which sent her parents back to the drawing board…

After Praying, Alexis offered to give Lelia a relic that belongs to the Venerable Fulton John Sheen. Another powerful offering… Alexis is writing a book about Fulton Sheen to be out next year which should be fascinating!

To help counter the recent setbacks, I/we increased our prayers for Lelia and for everyone else… Upon my return home, I was the photographer for the Southwest West Catholic Youth Conference (SWCYC) held on Saturday which provided me with plenty of opportunities for more prayer…

Two wonderful men of God, Bishop Wall from NM and Bishop Berg from Colorado prayed for everyone on our prayer list and for Lelia. A youth minister named Kelly Colangelo also prayed for everyone… At the event we also had 4 different sisters pray for Lelia and all others on our list… After I told them the news of Lelia’s setback, they all reminded me that with God anything is possible…

I also told them of all the healings and other answered prayer we have already seen resulting from all the faithful praying.

After praying, one sister named Sister Gabriel from Alamosa, CO said that she received a word from the Holy Spirit that she was to give her beloved Relic Rosary to Lelia… It was a powerful moment! The Relic belongs to Fr. James Flanagan who was the founder of their order which is the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity.

As St. John Paul II has told us, we can never give up and must go forward in faith in Christ Jesus! We must meet resistance and setbacks with increased prayer!

With all the prayer that Lelia and others have received throughout the world, there is no doubt in my mind that God’s will shall be done… I just hope and pray that His will includes healing and long life for all those suffering right now… This is my steadfast prayer, that God will deliver all those on our Prayer list, especially those in most need right now…

The youth conference was the best ever!


St. John Paul II feast day and Friday night lights!

St. John Paul II feast day and Friday night lights!

“I plead with you, never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” St. John Paul II

While praying for everyone last Friday on my prayer hike at the cross, it was late evening under dark cloudy skies… I was asking our Lord to please help those in most need such as Lelia and others suffering from cancer and other illnesses.

When we started praying our Rosary for all the good God has given us, such as healing the woman on our prayer list from cancer, and for the small improvements like giving precious Lelia Moran and her family some much needed positive news recently, the dark clouds suddenly changed to a beautiful fiery-red as if God was pleased with our prayers and offering of thanksgiving!

Like many of you, St. John Paul II was a huge influence in my life, especially when it comes to prayer… It is partly because of him and my experience at Medjugorje that I have such a passion for prayer. His humility and passion for Christ and Our Lady have set the example for me to follow which has been instrumental in my faith!

Happy St. John Paul II feast day everyone!


St. Mother Cabrini, British Columbia, our prayer list, and Pilgrimage


Visiting Beautiful British Columbia is hard to match with the beautiful prayer hikes I was so fortunate to take… but the surprise of my trip happened in Colorado on the way home at St. Mother Cabrini’s Shrine located just west of Denver. My sister and mom recommended I go and see it as I have driven past this shrine many times and never paid a visit… I not sure why but I never did… Until now!

What a gift this place of prayer is…. It is like a mini Medjugorje with the church, the mountain hike with the stations of the Cross and a large statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on top to greet you… Mother Cabrini was a marvelous woman who followed God by taking care of orphans in the Denver area…

She purchased this beautiful property high above Denver for a place for the orphans to go away on retreat. Just like with Lourdes, she and her sisters dug for a water well and they miraculously hit a spring that has provided water for this shrine ever since.

Without planning anything, I ended up meeting several people that have been to Medjugorje and one woman that had predicted an earthquake that occured only 2 hours after taking with her on the phone.. I brought this up on an earlier post.

We all got together at the base of the hill and prayed for Lelia Moran’s complete healing and for everyone else on our prayer list. We also prayed for all those affected by the fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural and man-made disasters going on in our world today. 
It was truly quality prayer-time! We then proceeded up the mountain to do the stations of the cross where I offered up a prayer for Lelia and all on our prayer list at each station. I felt like I was back in Medjugorje!

On top, at the large statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I was overwhelmed with the smell of flowers. I thought it was just me but then another person said they also smelled the flowers before I said anything… All the flowers on top were dead from the cold fall temperatures. I have only had this experience a few times before, once in a church while praying the Rosary. I feel confident that Mary was there with us in our presence… The power of the Holy Spirit was also really present…

This was a short but wonderful pilgrimage that I will most certainly do again, soon! God Bless everyone!


More answered Prayers! Praying for those in Vegas….

Listen to these songs I added below full blast until you start feeling better… It’s ok to have some fun and joy no matter what’s going on in your life, especially when you need it most… it’s time to dance and lift up your hands in joy to our wonderful Creator God!!!!! Can you join me???!!!

OK!!!! It’s been a really tough, devastating week for many especially those who suffered so greatly from the Vegas shooting… Please Jesus, most powerful God, please comfort those who are weeping, morning, and suffering such horrific pain…. Provide them with supernatural comfort and love – wrap your great love, compassion, and mercy around them and all those who are suffering right now…

Even in the midst of all the carnage, we cannot lose hope! God is still with us, loving us, caring for us, looking after our every need, paying attention to our every thought and concern with nothing in our lives going unnoticed….

We have great hope in Him who created us! God wants us to have hope and joy even in the midst of our suffering if that were possible… Through Him, all things are possible….

I’ve been up praying for all of you this week as high as I can possibly make it each evening. I have found a nice prayer closet around 12.5K high in the Rocky Mountains. I am offering up all your concerns and petitions to our Most High God!

Picture taken late sunset with belt of venus over the high peaks. Notice the little flower on the left of Mary and Lelia’s picture that formed into a cross after dying….

Again, our prayers are being answered! A person dear to me has been struggling to find a home in a very expensive area and just last week after our prayers were sent to the Missionaries of Charity and prayed over at Medjugorje, her prayers were answered! Through a small miracle, she was able to find a home… All the realtors had given up and told her to start praying her Rosary even though they were non-Catholic…. They couldn’t believe it when she was able to find a home without their help! Praise you Jesus!

God Bless you all and hang in there! Thank you everyone so much for all your prayers as they are really making a difference right now!


Fox Encounter for Lelia and Prayer List wind-blown into the Heavens – Literally, during Prayer Hike!

The Fox is for you Lelia!

Reading below story is important to understanding video with link at bottom of page! Please pray for Lelia and all on our prayer list after viewing… God bless!

As a friend pointed out today is the Feast of St Francis of Assisi which makes this more relevant!

Last Saturday I received a message from the woman who was recently healed from cancer just a few days after our prayer request list was prayed over by the visionaries Mirjana and Vicka and by Fr. Leon and Max and by Pete

The first words to me from this miraculously healed woman: “How is Lelia doing and her mom?”

She didn’t bring up her own healing but rather, her concern for Lelia! Selfless love in action!

Of course this made me think about Lelia so I started praying for her and her family while in my home office. While praying, a beautiful kit fox appeared out my window and started eating juniper berries that had been knocked off by a severe hailstorm. I’ve looked out that window 1,000’s of times and never saw anything like. It was like a repeat of the bear scene that I posted awhile back all over again…. Just like with the bear, it was as if the animal was purposely there so I could share it with Lelia!

Little did I know another miracle would be related to this…. Just yesterday, I told Rebecca (Lelia’s mom) about my fox encounter. She was shocked once again because just like with the bear encounter, Lelia had asked her mom a few days before if there were any foxes on their farm! God has placed a special connection between Lelia and I with His animal kingdom. Lelia seems to see in her mind these animals before God brings them to me to video and photograph. It is obvious that He wants me to do this because they just sit there and pose as if they are begging me to do it…. I run into a lot of wildlife and they rarely stay around but rather quickly flee at the slightest knowledge of my presence.

There is more to this story. That same evening while on my prayer hike at 12k in the snowy peaks, I brought a picture of Lelia and Mary (as I always do) and placed them by my prayer list and started praying. While praying, a heavy gust of turbulent wind like a dust devil came up out of nowhere blowing snow everywhere stinging my face with its fury and then the prayer list went shooting up into the heavens and quickly disappeared from sight. “Maybe God wanted to get a closer look at it,” I thought… ; )

Somehow, Lelia’s picture stood strong and remained on the rock. It was a beautiful but somewhat startling experience and one where I really felt God’s presence in nature! Hopefully all of you including Lelia on our pray list will be somehow blessed by this!

It is our deepest prayer that all of you and Lelia have a complete healing which would surely glorify our Lord!

I’ll leave this with Rebecca’s own words in part to me concerning this story:

“God bless you… She loves foxes and other night asked me if there were foxes on our farm. Crazy again that you saw one and she asked. You guys have a connection. May Lelia hold strong like her picture in this storm!”

Praying for Lelia’s radio therapy surgery this morning… may God allow this procedure to kill all the cancer cells found in her new brain tumor… In Jesus’ precious name and through the intercession of our Mother Mary…

Praying for the victims of the Vegas shooting… Please Lord help comfort all those affected!


God bless everyone!


Be sure to watch in 1080p HD





Giving Thanks to God for a Miracle and Answered Prayers today for those on our prayer request list!

Giving Thanks to God for a Miracle and Answered Prayers today for those on our prayer request list!

Click on link to view celebration video for answered prayers –     Answered Prayers Video


This is the theme for my post and one that I hope we can all hold onto in our times of trials and suffering…

Update – A lot of exciting news has transpired since Pete Starr’s return from Medjugorje where all on our prayer list was prayed over by visionaries Mirjana and Vicka along with Father Leon and Father Max among other clergy and pilgrims. Our List was also prayed over by Pete where he said several decades of the Rosary for Lelia and all others on the list including Ruthie… Pete also walked barefoot on both hills as a sacrifice to all those suffering…

In addition to those in Medjugorje, we have many praying here at home and abroad for those on the prayer list including our prayers for you all on our evening prayer hike. The world has come together and Jesus has responded and will continue to reach out to all of us in a special way… Our Blessed Mother Mary has also joined in through her powerful intercession and loving heart for each of us…

There have been ongoing fruits from our prayers but recently, after Medjugorje was brought into the equation, we have seen a profound increase in the number of people who have had their prayers answered. There is no doubt that God has responded in a Miraculous way!

*** One woman was healed earlier than expected from cancer in the most unusual way. Her kidneys were already compromised and when she went to have a new peritoneal catheter flushed she was presented with an infection which caused the doctors to suspend chemo. She was in a panic as this was a 21-day round of antibiotics meaning 5 chemo treatments would be missed and there was no guarantee when the chemo could be resumed. Due to the infection 2 chemo sessions were missed, 5 more would be missed due to the infections, and she still had another round of chemo to go. She was a crazy mess trying to figure out whether or not stopping her chemo would make the cancer come back stronger and here it was, GONE!

At the scheduled Dr. appointment she received this wonderful information from her doctor just yesterday that THE CANCER WAS NOW IN REMISSION! Now that the cancer is gone, the next round of chemo is not needed which would have further damaged her kidneys that are already severely compromised from all the prior treatments. Another wonderful blessing from our Lord!

She was anxious to share this with me/us, giving credit to all who were praying for her including the intercession of St. Peregrine and Fr Rookey. She also wanted me to share this good news with Pete Starr, as she appreciated his prayers and sacrifices very much along with the rest of your prayers! Please continue to pray that her kidneys can recover and that she will remain cancer free….

THIS WAS TRULY A MIRACLE! Our/her prayers were answered in the nick of time in such a dramatic way! Praise you Jesus! ***

*** Another persons prayer request for family and friends to be able to go to Medjugorje who are from a remote region of our world just received notice that a family member is now in Medjugorje… this rarely happens in their country… The person now on pilgrimage to Medjugorje is influential in the region to his children and others and therefore will be able to better spread the news about this place of prayer to others upon their return. ***

Others have had the same experience as they have recently been given the opportunity to go to Medjugorje in complete surprise just in the last couple of days….

*** Another person who is helping a family member pass from this world to the next has received strength from our prayers including the person who is passing away… ***

*** Another person dear to my heart just today finally found a doctor who properly diagnosed the reason for his intense suffering that has been going on for over a decade. This new doctor now has him on a proven treatment plan with a 100% guaranteed recovery rate. He has been to dozens of doctors who claim that they couldn’t help him, leaving this young man to fend for himself in agony. For this person who is on our prayer list, it is truly a miracle! Thank you again Jesus! ***

Understandably, others have received special graces but have chosen to keep their answered prayers secret and have not publically disclosed them to protect their privacy…

The common denominator – all these people are on our prayer list with some of their prayer requests being answered right now! Some requests will take more time so please do not lose hope but know that God has heard your cries for help and He will answer everyone’s request according to His will for us…..

If your prayers have been answered please feel free to post here…

So I say with great joy and love, Praise you Heavenly Father for hearing our cries and for helping those who are suffering – for providing miracles for those in most need and for what you are doing right now for all those who have requested help, even if we do not yet see your work in our lives… Teach us patience, trust and thanksgiving in everything! We thank you Lord Jesus and Our Lady for all your compassion and love towards us and for providing us with hope in our time of need. Please fill us with your divine courage that we can persevere in these troubling times, give us the courageous spirit of St. Joan of Arc who so graciously provides us with the steadfast example of NEVER GIVING UP and completely relying on you dear Jesus for all our needs! Amen!


The included short video features a few highlights from our prayer hikes in the high alpine of the Rocky Mountains in celebration of the answered prayers! Watch in 1080p HD for best results….

*** I also included a link below to a movie about St. Joan of Arc that most of you may have already seen. For inspiration, watch this again, or for the first time, to witness the strength and courage of one of the greatest women other than Mary to live on earth….

Special Note – As soon as I posted this Lightning and thunder came out of nowhere and one of the worst hailstorms I’ve ever witnessed followed by damaged plants and flooding everywhere. I hope God was just showing me his mighty power as one friend suggested….

God Bless you all!