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Update to my last prayer request post

Update to my previous prayer post…

While in prayer witnessing this gorgeous sunset appear before me, I thought about the Visionary Mirjana when she goes into a heavenly presence with MARY when her apparition begins. She did a beautiful job describing her experience in her wonderful book, “The Triumph.” How much more beautiful an apparition with Mary than a sunset. No wonder it takes Mirjana and the other visionaries so long to recover afterwards.

I mailed off the updated prayer list to The beloved Sisters at the Missionaries of Charity. Soon they will be praying for your requests. They will place this prayer list at the foot of Mary’s statue in their private chapel where daily Mass is held along with many long hours of fervent prayer!

This prayer list will also be traveling to Medjugorje in a few weeks with a special cast member of the wonderful film – “Apparition Hill.” It will be brought to the foot of Mary to be prayed over by several wonderful sources in Medjugorje!

You/we/I all have asked so now it is time to truly believe that your/our/my prayers will be answered! Share what God has done for you so others can also increase their faith!

I went up high in the mountains above 12k in the beautiful Rocky Mountains to pray for your requests the next evening after receiving all your prayer requests. I believe God gave all of us this wonderful sunset picture here as confirmation that all your prayers were heard in Heaven. By sharing this image, I hope and pray that you will receive as much joy as I did witnessing it first hand.

God’s creation is beautiful especially His creation of humanity which is His greatest work! He loved us so much that he created each one of us in His image. He cares for us in numerous ways – through His Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the saints, the clergy, and through family and friends who help encourage and support us in our time of need!

We are a blessed people of God!

Missionaries of Charity Praying for your prayer requests!

I’ve brought in the big guns for your prayer requests – the Missionaries of Charity Sisters – MC’s (St. Teresa of Calcutta’s order)!

One of the Sister’s at this convent became an MC after she went to Medjugorje. She named herself after the visionary Mirjana after she Joined their order. This isn’t an isolated case as 100’s of Priests and Nuns have come to their vocation after experiencing Medjugorje which in my opinion has been one of the greatest fruits…

I took this picture at the celebration of the now St. Teresa of Calcutta’s being honored as a Saint! It was a wonderful celebration to be present with the Sisters and the local Bishop Wall to celebrate this special occasion!

It has been an honor to pray for all those who have sent me prayer requests. These are serious matters that require more than I can handle alone. That is why I am also sending them to my beloved Sisters in Christ who have been there spiritually for my family and I for years. I have personally witnessed their incredible power of prayer. Their faith is unmatched and their entire life revolves around daily Mass and prayer. I feel certain that your requests will be in the best hands possible with the Missionaries of Charity as your intercessor. They will place these prayer requests at the foot of Mary’s statue in their private chapel. In addition to their prayers they will have Fr. Pio and other priests bless all on this list.

I am also sending this prayer request list with a special person to Medjugorje in the coming weeks to be prayed over.

Know that God will answer your prayers but like I have to keep reminding myself – we must do our part by praying as well and then believe that God is with us in all things. We can do this through Christ’s strength within us!

I will also continue to pray for you on my evening prayer hike… God Bless!

Solar Eclipse


Partial Eclipse of the sun today! (View video in 1080p HD for best results)

Well, the Solar Eclipse finally came today so I went out earlier than normal to witness it around 12k in the Rocky Mountains.

For me it didn’t disappoint – rather, it was a religious experience! I have never seen it get so dark in the middle of the day… It was an eery experience but beautiful! I felt like I was witnessing Our Lord’s crucifixion which is exactly what happened when Jesus died on the cross. It also reminded my of the miracle of the sun as I saw so many little miracles thoughout the eclipse. Of course I didn’t look at the sun directly but rather through my view finder.

The lighting and colors around the fading sun were incredible. It was very difficult to photograph with all the different lighting exposures to account for but I did my best.

I was praising our Lord and praying for everyone while filming and taking pictures. It was just me and my dog so no one thought I was crazy…

Only God could line up the moon and our sun so beautifully! We have an awesome God who can more than take care of our needs. We just have to make the effort to pray and believe that He will always take care of us no matter the circumstances!

I hope you all had a great day as well! God Bless everyone!

Link to video on my site

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Prayer Time in the High Alpine

I had a wonderful prayer time tonight – this time even higher in elevation around 13k. It was just me all alone on top of the world on a beautiful still summer night. It was absolutely quiet and peaceful. The sunset was beautiful as a light beam lit up a small section of the cliff face that can be seen off in the distance towards the center of the picture. The sunset lightly colored the clouds. It was beautiful! As it started getting dark, I  dropped to my knees out on the high alpine plane which lay just beneath a beautiful peak seen in the photo. I really felt God’s presence overwhelm me in the vast wildness that literally engulfed my tiny presence. I looked up towards the heavens and broke the silence by audibly calling out the names of family members and those who have asked for prayers. I pleaded with God to provide comfort to those who are suffering right now. It was an intense experience that left me drained emotionally but my soul felt fulfilled. This may sound a little melodramatic but I really felt God was listening to me in a special way tonight… I hope and pray that it will help make a difference for some of your prayer requests. God Bless you and yours!







While praying for all the requests during the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary (given to us by St. John Paul ii), the thought of consecrating ourselves to the Blessed Mother as a means to answered prayers was overwhelming. The more I prayed for others, the more this thought kept coming up into my heart and mind.

There was also a sense of urgency to this – that we all need to do this soon. I am not very versed in this subject and have only heard of this before when referring to Mary’s request in Fatima that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate heart. I did some research this morning and came up with a 33 day prayer that ST. LOUIS DE MONTFORT designed for this consecration to Jesus through Mary which would be the most beneficially to include both Jesus and Mary.

I certainly pray and hope those of you who are called to do this in your hearts will find time to do this. It looks like a serious commitment of time and effort but just getting started and doing it when we can would be better than not doing it at all. A qualified start time for this confirmation was August 13 as it requires  that we start it on a certain number of days before Mary’s next feast day which is Our Lady of Sorrows. See the link for details.  A number of us have already started this Consecration.  I think our understanding  God would allow you to play a little catch up and join in as the next starting date won’t be for another month. 

Below is a link to the  Consecration to Jesus through Mary –

The attached picture was taken on a recent evening prayer hike. 
The cotton ball clouds with the beautiful Columbine wildflowers along with Mary’s picture and the now weathered, growing prayer list, all in the Rock Mountains above 12k, was a beautiful backdrop for prayer! God Bless you all!


Mary’s Presence Matters

Mary’s Presence Matters!
Every evening I have been going to a special place to pray for peace in our families and the world as Our Lady of Medjugorje has requested. I have also prayed for those here with prayer requests that I have written down on a list that keeps growing.
The picture attached here of Mary in the wildflowers was taken on Sunday evening while praying high in the alpine above 12K. Mary looks so beautiful surrounded by her Son’s creation. I also tried to take some pictures without Mary and the attached prayer list but they all seem so void and empty now without her… This is probably a good thing as my love for Mary and others continue to grow each day. This isn’t so good for my photo assignments that I have gotten behind on…. Oh well!
Last evening, I forgot to take Mary and the prayer list with me and I near disaster struck. I arrived late in the evening as a beautiful sunset was taking shape. Suddenly, my engine started smoking so bad that I thought it was on fire. I pulled over and upon inspection, noticed a fuel line was leaking. I spent the next hour making the temporary repair. By the time I was finished, the sunset was gone and darkness had set in.
Was it because I didn’t have Mary and the list with me? It definitely makes me wonder as something like this has never happened before… I’ll definitely remember to bring it with me tonight!
The more I pray especially for others, the closer I feel to Mary and Jesus. At first, my increased prayer was difficult to get through. But just as Our Lady of Medjugorje told us through her messages, it has become easier the more I do it. I am now looking forward to it with great joy!
Increased prayer has opened up new opportunities daily. My sister and I were recently able to talk with a group of college students about our Medjugorje experience which was a real honor. We plan to start doing this more often where ever the requests come from especially since Mary has again asked us to pray for our youth at Ivan’s recent Apparition Hill apparition.
God bless everyone!

Mary, Wildflowers, Moonlight, and Prayers

I set out once again to the high country last night  to pray for the now 100’s of people requesting prayers for many reasons.  I have been taking along a postcard of Mary I purchased back in 1990 while  my sister and I were on pilgrimage to Medjugorje.  I attached Mary to all the prayer requests that I printed out and we prayed three Rosaries and a novena for all those needing prayers with the help of all those who are also praying.  We prayed for the youth in our families and around the world!

I climbed to a location just under 13,000 feet (13K) and found a beautiful field full of wildflowers.  It was the perfect place for prayer!  I didn’t want to leave even though it was getting dark. Then, I noticed a white globe coming up in the horizon and was surprised to see the moon coming up.  It was a beautiful bonus to a perfect evening high in the Rocky Mountains.

My camera lens and a flash helped to highlight the scene with the lens creating a nice star burst effect around the moon. It looks like the Star of Bethlehem which was perfect for the scene with Mary.  

****(Note – Recently added after prayer! –When the darkness set in, all the wild wildflowers faded away. After reflection and prayer, this reminded me of the dark times in my own life. Then, without warning, a beautiful light appeared on the horizon which soon afterwards illuminated the beautiful scene once again. The rising moon reminded me of Jesus who shines his brilliant loving light upon us in our time of need to remove the darkness. GOD IS WITH US! He loves and wants the best for us. If you are struggling right now, hold fast to our Lord’s healing light. Focus alone on this light and the darkness in your life will be replaced with the light of health, joy, hope, love, compassion, mercy, and faith in the one who loves and cares for us!)***

It was also Mary’s birthday according to the seers from Medjugorje so I put aside all my photographic aspirations and focused all my attention on her petitions through prayer.  

The prayers felt as powerful as the beautiful scene that I was so fortunate to witness.  My hope is that at least some of your prayers were answered. If not yet, I pray that this scene can provide you with some hope and joy by experiencing God’s beautiful creation!  God Bless!   





Mary and prayer requests high in the Rocky Mountains

I was overwhelmed today with so many hurting people asking for prayers around the world. Some who lost a loved one, another who worried about their unborn baby who may not live through birth, and another who is suffering from an illness and yet others who asked for undisclosed prayer requests.

The more I pray about it, the more compassion and love floods my heart for them. I’ve personally experienced gut-wrenching trials and I know how painful it can be…

Being a professional landscape photographer, I decided to do something special and go up into the high country of the Rocky Mountains, free from distractions and where God’s creation is most powerful to me. I spend a lot of time up there for that reason alone.   I printed out a copy all the people who liked my post and those who messaged me asking for prayer. The list was long. I decided to attach my favorite picture of Mary to the prayer requests and place this in my shot.

While driving up it was overcast with little hope of a decent sunset. Up I went to nearly 12 thousand feet (12K) just above timberline. I arrived late evening and noticed the sun was starting to break free. What happened next was amazing. I get to see plenty of beautiful sunsets but this one was special.   I ran up  to patch of wildflowers and was suddenly overwhelmed with the most intense brilliant reddish-golden light. It radiated everything around me. It was a warm light that literally penetrated my soul. I placed the picture of Mary and all the prayer requests in the patch of wildflowers and resumed the Rosary I had been praying on the way up there for everyone.

All the while, I was shooting off pictures of this amazing site. I could literally feel God’s warm loving light wrapping around me. I was praying for everyone but one person in particular stood out in my mind. His name is John and he had just passed away in England. I could envision John walking towards Jesus’ brilliant light as He walked into our Lord’s loving arms for all of eternity!  


Last night on my son’s birthday and while we continued to pray for the prayer requests received here (and for all here), a full double rainbow appeared as a confirmation or a sign from God through HIs beautiful creation. This is the first double rainbow I’ve seen this year so it was a special occasion! 
Sunsets and Rainbows are the main theme throughout my book and this one was no exception. These beautiful works of creation have always accompanied blessings and answered prayer for my family, especially in difficult situations. I hope and pray this will also be a sign for you and yours as a blessing and answered prayers!

Ask, believe, and receive, and share whatever God has done for you!


2017 Youth Fest Medjugorje Commemoration

The annual youth fest beginning today is one of the most beneficial fruits from Medjugorje. One that I can personally relate to as this was the period in my life that changed everything…
My book is a love story between me and God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother, my family, and those who inspired me to carry on despite the hardships encountered along the way. It began in my youth while in my early 20’s along with my wonderful sister where we were inspired and felt invited by Our Lady to come to a place where peace, love, hope, and prayer came easily.
In Medjugorje, we found a place of spiritual renewal, awakening, a stirring of our faith like no other place we have experienced.
Medjugorje is a place for all people and ages but for our experience it began in our youth and from our youth, this pilgrimage has only blossomed throughout our lives. We pray that this same blessing will be upon all the youth who are attending the 2017 youth fest!
In commemoration of this annual event, this weekend, my sister and I rededicate ourselves to Mary and her messages from Medjugorje nearly 30 years later after our initial life-changing journey to Medjugorje. We climbed a hill similar to Cross Mountain and prayed the rosary together with other family members at the base of the Cross.
Attached is a special picture taken of my sister and I at our dedication.
It was a wonderful experience to be with family praying for each other, for all the youth in the world especially those suffering, for the vulnerable such as those without a voice, the unborn, the elderly, the mentally ill, the poor, the persecuted, the lonely, those abandon, those who feel rejected, left out, not loved or welcomed by society or even family members, for all those who do not know God’s love (as Our Lady reminds the visionary Mirjana). We prayed united with Mary to her Son and our Lord Jesus Christ that our world can be free from evil and turn back to God who is the source of all love, joy, peace, and mercy.
Again, I would love to share my story with you. If you don’t have the technological means to view the lower cost ebook edition and can’t afford the print copy then please email me at my contact page so I can arrange for a generous discount through my bookstore.
I’ve received some prayer requests and want you to know that we hike up a mountain most days and pray the Rosary. We will include your prayer requests in our petitions starting this evening. We love to pray for other people because we know that it works – as Our Lady tells us, there is great power in prayer!
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