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Mary’s Suffering



At the time of our pilgrimage to Medjugorje, the former Yugoslavian war was about to break out with military helicopters and fighter jets buzzing the skies above Medjugorje. 
This statue of Mary in front of St. James really told the story. Her stained face with what appeared to be a tear streak coming from her right eye might have been a glimpse of the extreme suffering that pursued in the bloody civil war which broke out shortly after we departed.
Mary continues to offer up her sacrifices for our us in order that we may come back to her Son Jesus. Similar circumstances are taking place today only in the form of terrorism and secularism and is why living out Mary’s messages are so important right now.
We/I must become MEDJUGORJE STRONG! in order to withstand the evil upon us….

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An Offering to Our Lady

After publishing my book Crosses, Sunsets & Sinners – A Brother and Sisters Medjugorje Journey, the sunsets have been extraordinary around my favorite mountain getaway. I can really feel God’s presence as He wraps His beautiful light around me when photographing these surreal mountain scenes. The bright red Paintbrush reminds me of Our Lady as I offer these up as a gift in token of my appreciation and love for her for all she has done for me!
My book has been built around special sunsets and this one was no exception!

New Video!

I just recently edited this from footage my son and his cousin filmed while in Medjugorje recently.  Medjugorje is a great place for youth in particular and for all ages….

Watch in 1080p in full screen for best viewing.

Medjugorje Journey Video

Sunset Surprise

I want to share with all of you something that happened directly after my book went live. I decided to take my wife
up to the high country around 13k to witness the wildflowers now at their peak. I was late getting up there but what happened added to the list of spectacular events that have occurred in my life. I get to witness a lot of sunsets with my photography business but this one was off the charts. Again. the picture doesn’t do it justice.

During this incredible sunset, the red clouds were up close and personal – it literally felt as if we were being enveloped by it’s beauty as if God himself was wrapping His loving creation around us. I also heard faint sounds like moaning coming from the sky as if creation itself was crying out. Maybe I’m being a little presumptuous or melodramatic but I took it as a sign that Mary and God were pleased with what I’m doing – at least I certainly hope so. Believe me, I’ve had my doubts so I really needed this. God always speaks best to me through his creation. 🙂


Visionary Jakov’s Little known Story about the Rosary

After finishing my newly released book – Crosses, Sunsets & Sinners – A Brother and Sister’s Medjugorje Journey, I suddenly came across an interesting interview I had recorded back in 1990 with a local Medjugorje woman that really caught my attention.

At first I was disappointed that I didn’t find the material before publishing my book but then I realized it was an opportunity to share this little known information with those who follow Mary’s messages.

In the interview, the woman went into detail telling stories about the visionaries and it was obvious that the visionary Jakov Colo was her favorite. She explained to me that he was only 10 years old at the time of the first apparitions. Not only was he just a child but his mom had died and his dad was mostly absent at work in a different country during that time period. This is why Jakov had such a strong relationship with our Blessed Mother because she became both his spiritual and parental mother. Because of this, Jakov has a special bond with Our Lady.

According to the local woman, after Jakov’s mom passed away, Our Lady asked the visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic to quit school and look after young Jakov which she humbly obeyed.

According to the woman, one evening Jakov had a vision from Our Lady where she asked him go to Father Jozo (the parish priest at the time) to tell the people to pray the Rosary. This was a time when the visionaries had to be careful to avoid the communists while out in public. Jakov’s obedience to Mary outweighed his fear of the communists so he was determined to get this message to Fr. Jozo. He went outside and literally hid himself, weaving his way amongst the legs of the parishioners, who where gathered outside St. James Church as Mass was about to begin. He made his way through the crowds and into the church and finally went under the altar where he started pulling on Fr. Jozo’s robe. Surprised, Fr. Jozo asked him what he was doing? With an urgent look on his face, young Jakov informed him of Mary’s request that the people pray the Rosary.

I can only imagine what was going through Fr. Jozo’s mind as he saw the dedication of this young visionary.

To this day, Jakov mostly keeps to himself staying out of the limelight and focuses his attention on living out Our Lady’s messages.

The above post was published on the Mystic Post site – 

The Surprising Story of How Little 10 Year Old Jakov Ignited the Tradition of Praying the Rosary In Medjugorje

Are we Listening?






I have failed in this endeavor if the reader doesn’t come away feeling MEDJUGORJE STRONG! This is now my new motto!  The only way to become Medjugorje Strong is to live the messages which includes daily Mass, monthly confession, fasting, daily Holy Scripture readings, daily Rosary, personal prayer with our Lord, and just as important, living out these messages in our daily lives. 

Writing this book has brought me closer to the messages. I am still not at the level I achieved back in the early days but I’m slowly getting there and it feels great!!
The more I commit to them the closer I come to Jesus. It’s that simple. There is nothing too complicated about it. We just have to do it! :wink: 

Mary knew what was coming and most would agree that hard times are already here. Through Our Lady, God provided us with the antidote. Are we listening? 

Welcome to Crosses, Sunsets & Sinners – A Brother and Sister’s Medjugorje Journey

Thank you for viewing my site and for sharing in our incredible journey of faith while on pilgrimage to the  remote village of Medjugorje located in former Yugoslavia.

It has been brutal writing this book at times – sometimes due to emotions and mostly due to the barrage of technical problems that have plagued this book. Everything that can go wrong has….
This was suppose to be out last week but on our anniversary our car broke down leaving us stranded above 9,000′.  With no help or internet connection available, we had to sleep in our car overnight and I can tell you that it was a very cold miserable night with no sleep but plenty of shivering.  We were not prepared with only light jackets.  Even our dog was shivering.

When we finally received help and were able to limp back home, all the garages were booked for the week so I had to take off time from work to complete the repairs myself. Of course this only further set back my publishing date.  This type of thing has been occurring with regular frequency throughout the year. 

I had to ask myself several times if I was doing God’s will? I can honestly say that I have worked as hard as I could on this project in spite of the many trials along the way.  

I’ve had to hold firm to Fr. Svet’s words of encouragement to me and my sister.   “Don’t worry, let God lead you! It is all part of the pilgrimage – to endure suffering along the way…”